Photo by Giada Garofalo

Photo by Giada Garofalo



When I was four, someone bought me a colouring-in book. Rather than fill the pages with my amateur crayon skills, I instead decided to write stories on the back of each page about the picture in question. This essentially tells you everything you need to know about me; one, that writing is definitely my 'thing' and two, that I like to make like complicated for myself.

I've been writing ever since (well, when I am not procrastinating)- mostly stuff that is fit only for a folder on my desktop marked 'favourite algebra questions' to deter anyone from opening it. But my better efforts have made it to BBC Radio 4’s political satire shows the News Quiz and the Now Show, as well as podcasts such as Crooked Pieces' And Then She Said a Funny Thing. I've also been shortlisted/longlisted for a number of awards and bursaries, including the BBC Comedy Writing bursary, the BBC comedy script room (x2), Fresh Voices Screenwriting prize and several short story competitions. In 2012 I co-wrote and performed in the critically acclaimed, sell-out run of the play Reply to PO Box 49, and in my days as a stand-up I performed at both the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe festivals.

I was also one of the original members of the filmmaking magazine movieScope. From 2006-2009 I did everything from interview as-yet-undiscovered filmmakers to wandering around at the Cannes Film Festival trying to blag my way into parties, with varying degrees of success.

I'm currently (three years and counting) writing a memoir of ,my rather unconventional life, Born on a Welsh Mountain In the Year That Elvis Died.   I'm also writing a sitcom with the comedy acting genius that is Katie O'Brien.

Originally from Bristol, I now divide my time between Morocco and the UK. Which sounds way more glamorous than it actually is.