George Harrison My Sweet Lord


Sometimes people write songs about other people's boyfriends, and sometimes they write them about the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu.

Despite appearances to the contrary, not all pop music is about unrequited love. Sometimes it's about a yearning for the ultimate kind of love- the unfettered, unconditional and all-encompassing love of the divine. Maybe it was easier to write about that sort of thing at the latter end of the 60s; I can't really imagine Gary Barlow doing it in 2018.

 George Harrison's 1970 hit My Sweet Lord  was written as an ode to none other than the Hindu god Krishna, but by using the Hebrew word 'Hallelujah' throughout the song,Harrison deliberately gave it a religiously universal appeal, a call for unity amongst all the religions of the world. It is still classed as one of the great records of all time by none other than Rolling Stone magazine; no mean feat from a magazine that mostly reveres rock mullets, snake hips and shoe-gazing druggy types.