Massive Attack; Hymn of the Big Wheel


The Earth Spins on its axis. One man struggles while another relaxes

If you've ever heard an interview with Massive Attack's frontman, 3D, you'll know that the band isn't known for its sunny nature. Magnificent as they are (you can’t be from Bristol, like me, and not love them), their music tends to hover on a scale with ‘melancholy’ at one end and ‘dark and a little bit creepy’ on the other. But Hymn of the Big Wheel is perhaps their most zen track. Harking back to the days when their music had a more reggae and hip-hop influence, Horace Andy’s tones remind us that it’s as much a part of the human condition to suffer as it is to enjoy an afternoon of leisure in front of the footie. You can believe the world is good, believe the world is bad, or you can believe that it’s more of a gray area and just enjoy a spliff instead.