The Who- Baba O'Riley


Let's Get Together Before We Get Much Older

Imagine, if you will, a time when parents and children dressed the same, watched the same movies and even-gasp-listened to the same music. This really was a thing, and it was called 'just about any time until the early sixties'. Then rock n'roll happened, and parents and children from that moment on were rent asunder by blues-based guitar riffs and angsty lyrics. In the spirit of generational splits, the obvious Who choice would have been 'My Generation', but I always think of Baba O'Riley as its more thoughtful, intelligent cousin. It was inspired by the bombed-out, brain-frazzled crowds of Woodstock, a festival that itself was the poster event of a time when the youth had gone too far to look back. Things would never be the same, and modern life is the proof of that.

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