In The White Stripes 'We're Going to Be Friends', Jack White focuses more on the sensory simplicity of childhood. Of the dirty uniforms, the bugs and worms that the kids find so fascinating and the fact that the teacher 'loves the way you sing'. Rather than taking a retrospective approach to childhood, the song is more of a moment-to-moment account of a day in the life of a child. It doesn't romanticise or demonise anything, but simply captures the usual childhood pastimes of school and playtime.

The song also captures the simplicity of childhood friendship. The two children in the song become friends just because they walk the same way to school and like to study insects. Remember when the only requirement for friendship is that you liked the same music and you couldn't care less how they voted in the last election or if their mannerisms remind you of someone you fell out with in your twenties? Doesn't that seem like a long time ago now?

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